Weekly fashion indicators: Alexander McQueen, graphic tees, CultStatus

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Following Alexander McQueen's death last week, Polyvore users have used his designs as inspiration for their sets, making him the most popular designer this week.

Kim Kardashian is on top of the celebrity bunch for the third time in a row, marking a rare occasion of women and men agreeing on who is the hottest star of the moment: Kardashian was also named one of Playboy's sexiest celebrities of the year last week. The rest of the ranking isn't changing either with the exception of Blake Lively replacing fellow Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester.

In style trends, Polyvore users are predominantly drawing on graphic tees for inspiration and are rediscovering the retro peep-toe, while everything vintage is still going strong.

As for online shopping, Valentine's Day led to a higher popularity of jewelry sites such as Tarina Tarantino, Diana Vincent, or Tiffany. Cultstatus.com and designersimports.com are the new favorite multi-brand online stores.

Top Brands
1. Alexander McQueen (+1)
2. Valentino (re-entry)
3. Miu Miu (no change)
4. Roberto Cavalli (re-entry)
5. Yves Saint Laurent (no change)
6. Casadei (+3)
7. Lanvin (-3)
8. Rick Owens (re-entry)
9. Fendi (re-entry)
10. Elizabeth and James (re-entry)

Top Sites
1. cultstatus.com.au (new)
2. dianavincent.com (new)
3. bulgari.com (re-entry)
4. aspinaloflondon.com (-1)
5. lagarconne.com (-1)
6. uk.tiffany.com (re-entry)
7. coast-stores.com (new)
8. designersimports.com (new)
9. net-a-porter.com (re-entry)
10. tarinatarantino.com (new)

Top Celebrities
1. Kim Kardashian (no change)
2. Jessica Stam (no change)
3. Audrey Hepburn (no change)
4. Anja Rubik (no change)
5. Natalia Vodianova (no change)
6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (no change)
7. Kristen Stewart (no change)
8. Taylor Momsen (no change)
9. Chanel Iman (no change)
10. Blake Lively (re-entry)

Top Trends
1. graphic tees (re-entry)
2. cocktail rings (re-entry)
3. one-shoulder dresses (re-entry)
4. multi-strap heels (re-entry)
5. oversized clutches (new)
6. fold-over boots (re-entry)
7. vintage-inspired (re-entry)
8. peep-toe shoes (re-entry)
9. ruffled skirts (re-entry)
10. boyfriend shorts (new)

Polyvore, which lets users express their current fashion preferences in the form of collages, receives five million individual visits a month.