Weekly fashion videos: dress up for the holidays

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With Christmas being just a week away, the time is right to scour our wardrobes for old treasures that could be worn again (the 1980s are back!) or try our luck in the mall or on the high street instead. For some inspiration and shopping tips, watch these YouTube guides.

The key trends - Style in the City gives you the right dress for every occasion, be it a date or family gathering. Key looks for this holiday season are asymmetry, sequins, and candy colors, which will last you till spring.


The office - It's the old dilemma: how do you dress for an office party without being too risqué, but standing out from the crowd at the same time? Sheknows.com has all the answers.


The right dress for every shape - Online retailer Asos.com gives you the lowdown on the styles that will hide those extra holiday pounds. And the best thing is: the dresses are just a click away.


Dress codes - Invited to a Black Tie, White Tie or Cocktail holiday party? Confused about what all this means? No fear, TMI is here to help. But don't even think of wearing that Christmas sweater!


Festive maternity looks - Parents TV shows you the best holiday styles to stay fashionable during your pregnancy.