Weekly fashion videos: Stockholm Fashion Week

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While last season's fashion week in the Swedish capital didn't quite live up to expectations, the schedule was back to best shape this month (Stockholm Fashion Week took place February 1 - 3), with fashion-forward local labels including Acne, Cheap Monday, and Whyred all showing their collections during the event.

Cheap Monday - An "apocalyptic feeling with a sense of hope for the future" inspired the trendy label's new collection, according to the designers.


Dagmar - Another up-and-coming Swedish brand, Dagmar, had the audience buzzing about innovative Scandinavian design. The video gives you impressions from the runway as well as spectators' quotes.


Minimarket - The full runway show, captured by one of Sweden's most-respected high fashion publications, Bonmagazine.


Camilla Norrback - The local designer gives you the lowdown on Swedish style and why she thinks it's currently so successful.


Whyred - The brand's designer Roland Hjort shares his views on fashion and the importance of Stockholm Fashion Week.


Impressions - For the artsy-loving fashion fans: YouTube user Wiiktor has compiled a selection of fashion show, party and location shots, wrapping up Stockholm Fashion Week in an original way.