Lots of fashion accessories are having a déjà-vu moment right now: whether it's the hippie headscarf, the (dreaded but unavoidable) clog or just a Brigitte Bardot blowdry, the 'old' is the new 'new.' Now, sunglasses are going retro, too, with styles being influenced by the mod movement and fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.

Kate Moss, Taylor Swift and Drew Barrymore were already spotted wearing bold, white sunglasses, and fashion brands are reacting quickly: Ray Ban has a white model of its legendary Wayfarer glasses, Tom Ford presents a white version of the cut-out, retro-glamour frame made popular by actress Angelina Jolie, and mass-market retailers including New Look and Urban Outfitters have also introduced the innocently colored sunglasses.

For even funkier styles, club kids will be happy to know that the Shutter Shades (the 'striped' model made famous by rapper Kanye West) are now also available in white.

So, after last year's see-through frames that had labels including Paul Smith, Chloé and J. Crew launch colorful but clear-framed shades, is it the logical consequence to use a color that's not really a color this year? In case you're not into non-colors, fear not: Moschino is combining its white mod styles with block colors.

White is also a major trend in watches this year, judging from the releases prior to the industry's biggest event, Baselworld: Armani, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Anna Gotha (for Danish Design) are just a few of those going for the purist color choice.