Who's for Lacrosse? GANT by Michael Bastian is

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Lacrosse, an anachronistic sport involving a stick with a small basket on the end, which will be familiar to childhood readers of Enid Blyton's Malory Towers books, has Inspired the first collaboration between GANT and Michael Bastian, unveiled today at New York Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week.

"I discovered an article on lacrosse while flying and as soon as I got off the plane I knew I had found my inspiration for our first collaboration. Lacrosse is fascinating to me, and I love that it is this North American sport that may not be very well known around the world," remarked Bastian, referring to a recent rediscovery of the sport among US university students that has transformed it from the "jolly hockey sticks" of its English incarnation into a highly masculine, competitive sport.

The collection mixes sporty and tailored elements fusing the rich heritage of GANT with the dressed-up washed-down American classics that Bastian is known for. Key pieces include a washed moleskin military peacoat, down puffer jackets, and tailored blazers with soft unstructured shoulders and squaredoff elbow patches. Chunky hand-knit sweaters are mixed with jaquard and intarsia crew-necks. A broad selection of classic and multi-pocket woven shirts in oxford cloth, poplin and flannel complement fitted embroidered corduroys, destroyed denim and chinos. Sportier items include a lace-up rugby shirt, pique polos, graphic t-shirts, thermals, and mesh gym shorts - even sunglasses and accessories, forming a complete lifestyle for this athletic man.

"I see my version of the GANT guy as the younger brother to the Michael Bastian guy. He's more casual, and a little more athletic, but with a modern edge that feels both approachable and sophisticated," Bastion continued.