why me? amanda de cadenet

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Remember that chiller killer movie Single White Female? It looks as if Amanda de Cadenet is living it in real life. Here she is at last week's "party of the year" thrown by Gianni Versace at his marble and gilt London emporium, looking as if she has morphed into Courtney Love.

There is one main reason why Amanda de Cadenet would like to be mistaken for her American friend and that is because Love's talent is beyond dispute. The reigning Queen of what is charmingly referred to as "Dickless Rock" with her band, Hole, Love is also of course a true rock icon, thanks in part to her being the widow of grunge king, Kurt Cobain. Love has been to hell and back and is entitled to look as if she has. But Amanda de Cadenet? Sorry, it doesn't wash with us.

Her "act like Courtney, dress like Courtney" fixation started at the Oscars in March, when the pair turned up in polyester satin slips, dime- store tiaras and gashes of red lipstick. Now de Cadenet is trying to go it alone. Perhaps she should rent Barbet Schroeder's movie to remind herself what happened to Jennifer Jason Leigh when she started living her best friend's life. Creepy.