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One, two, buckle your shoe

Strappy sandals are once again the go-to accessory, just be sure to stand proud and walk tall, says Rebecca Gonsalves

One of the annual joys of the summer months is choosing a swanky new pair of sandals or 12. Arguably, a fl at pair of sandals will get the most wear, as they’re fit for office, garden or beach. As such the favoured style should be suitably sturdy – geography-teacher styles are practical to the point of perfection.

With the practical side of things sewn up, a well-stocked summer wardrobe should also be home to the more frivolous fripperies that go hand in hand with the season in which so much formal socialising takes place.

A strappy pair of heeled sandals should therefore be the next item to tick off your shopping list.

The two-strap sandal, one across the toes plus one securing the ankle, is the simplest incarnation of a trend that many will be familiar with from the nineties – when a pair was the perfect accessory to a Calvin Klein slip dress. But there are more extreme takes too – as demonstrated by Alexander Wang, whose sandal-cum-calliper was a stand-out accessory of the season.

High heels of the stiletto variety are one of the fiercer ways to wear the look – with a flash of bold colour or textured material contrasting nicely against a well-cared-for foot.

The mid-height heel that has really taken off this season offers a more practical way to wear the style, and there’s nothing wrong with that approach.

Whatever the style, this is a no-holds-barred approach to footwear, and as such feet are under a high level of scrutiny.

Though a colourful paint job is by no means mandatory, neatly trimmed toenails are a must and a bit of attention paid to cracked heels or dry skin will pay dividends. After all, you want to put your best foot forward don’t you?