Orgasm in a lipgloss - available from July

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In what seems like a trend towards monochromatic make-up, beauty brand Nars will launch lipglosses inspired by its iconic blush, Orgasm.

According to StyleList, the new gloss will be available in five different colors, including the shimmery Albatross, the cotton-candy pink Angelika, the pink champagne Oasis, the peachy pink Super Orgasm, and the golden apricot Luster.

Retailing for $24 each at Sephora, the glosses will exactly match the Orgasm blush and four more bestselling hues, which can also be used as eye shadows, allowing for an entirely monochromatic look.

Wearing the same make-up shade on lips, cheeks, and eyelids is turning out to become one of the hottest looks for summer. Us Weekly just listed it as one of its top ten trends (showing Diane Kruger wearing a peachy shade), Kirsten Dunst wore bright oranges on both her lips and eyes for her Between The Lines premiere, MAC Cosmetics recently published a monochromatic make-up tutorial, and the 'all-over look' is also trending on style sites including Polyvore.

Nars previously launched the Multiple Orgasm, a stain that can be used on lips and cheeks. Its new glosses will go on sale on July 29.