The book aims to challenge people’s presumptions about women with red hair (Brian Dowling) /

The series aims to serve as a 'real reflection' of redheads

A photographer has captured portraits of more than 130 women in a bid to challenge offensive stereotypes associated with being a redhead.

‘Carrot top’, ‘ginger nut’, ‘ginge’ – those graced with red hair have to put up with their fair share of teasing but Brian Dowling, an entertainment photographer from Berlin, wants to put an end to that.

Originally from Mississippi, Dowling has been photographing red headed women for the past three years from 20 different countries without the help of makeup artists, special lighting or excessive editing.

“I wanted it to be obvious these photos are real reflections of the model and for people to end their stereotypes of redheads,” he said.

One of the rarest hair colours in the world, red hair is caused by a gene mutation known as MC1R and affects as little as one per cent of the world population.

Snapping portraits of women from North America to Australia and Europe, Dowling’s images have come together to form an art book titled “Redhead Beauty.”

He hopes that the book will challenge people’s presumptions about women with red hair and put an end to bullying.

Launching on St Patrick’s Day, “Redhead Beauty” is available to now buy on Kickstarter.