The current military, safari, or preppy trends make use of the khaki, influential fashion blogger Garance Doré wrote that "khaki is the new black," and now the New York Times says that men's khakis are hip again.

"With the fascination over premium denim having nearly exhausted its laundry list of spins, it is not surprising that, this spring, young men's fancy has turned to khaki," the Times writes. "[...] Shops like Save Khaki and Grown & Sewn are hard at work cultivating a cult of khaki, with different fits, colors and weights of fabric."

'Mainstream brands' are also jumping on the bandwagon: the Gap has three styles to choose from, and Dockers has launched K-1, its first line of premium khakis. The new collection is "ushering in a new era of khakis made with an unwavering commitment to impeccable craftsmanship," reads a statement, with the range including eight different cuts and 16 colors.

Descriptions in the brands' releases feature "vintage," "unique staining," "multiple dying processes," or "distressed" - expressions that are 'normally' used for premium denim.

Still, "it's the younger designers who are moving the ball forward with khakis," Madeline Weeks, fashion director of GQ, told the New York Times. "For so long, there was nothing sexy about them."

Tip: in order to make khakis appear more fashionable and less 'professor,' use The Talented Mr Ripley as your style reference: roll them up at the ankles, and pair them with boat shoes, brightly colored shirts, Ray Bans, and a summer hat.