See models' real faces before Photoshop

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The Jezebel blog has released a video showing models' miraculous transformations thanks to retouching techniques.

Photographer M. Seth Jones, who offers retouching tuition via Skype, let the blog's editors in on how much exactly needs to be polished for a face to be flawless.

He says of his work: "At this stage, it's clear to see that retouching, at least the way I approach it, is not so much about tapering necklines and re-sculpting facial structure; but rather, sculpting light, and the way it falls on the subject, as well as clarifying the distinctions between the individual colours of the image's palette. This ensures that every element sits harmoniously within the final frame, enabling that ideal state to be presented to the viewer with little-to-no visual distractions."

Watch the astonishing video at

Jones's site, which lets you "roll over" perfectly photoshopped pictures to discover the original image, can be found at