Smooth operator: The best home products for longer lasting hair removal

Give yourself a break from daily depilation, says Rebecca Gonsalves

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With the temperamental weather that these fair isles are blessed with, it’s understandable that we make the most of the sun on those rare appearances that it shines. The opaque 70 denier tights are finally relegated to the back of a chest of drawers and, instead, skirts and cropped trousers reign. All well and good until the tedium of daily depilation has us crying for a bit of cloud cover and an excuse to wrap up instead.

More permanent hair removal at home has come a long way since the days of painful electric epilators – indeed there are all sorts of products and devices designed to help extend the period before you have to reach for the razor. The most long-lasting, and admittedly most expensive, option is an at home IPL (intense pulsed light) device, which, with regular use, will break the cycle of hair re-growth. Results are  noticeable after the very first use of  Gillette’s Venus Naked Skin, while practice means the process will become easier and quicker.

Key to ensuring that the experience is as painless as possible is a close shave of the area beforehand, so you can’t ditch the razor entirely; as the IPL process travels through the hair shaft to the follicle any stubbly growth will cause a burning sensation, making it more painful than it needs to be. The process is further enabled with a clear gel which helps channel the light, and has the bonus of a cooling effect on skin.

Those who are afraid of handling hot wax at home would do well to try Persian Wax’s cold wax, which provides remarkably painless results, leaving skin soft to boot. Parissa’s 2-in-1 Body Sugar roll-on uses a roller applicator, which comes in two sizes, to combat the awkward angles that anybody who has experienced the contortions of waxing at home will appreciate.

After care is important to ensure that results are as long-lasting as possible and an ingrown hair inhibitor is a worthwhile investment.

Parissa’s Azulene Oil is something of a heroic multi-tasker and will moisturise skin, soothe sunburn and can help prevent stretch marks, too.