Social media beauty index: MAC stays on top

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The highly anticipated launch of its Wonder Woman-inspired collection on February 10 as well as the release of new images from its Viva Glam campaign, starring Lady Gaga for the second time, have kept MAC Cosmetics on top of Famecount's beauty brands.

A new YouTube video released to promote Old Spice, again featuring "the man your man could smell like" Isaiah Mustafa, has prompted the fragrance to climb to third place, while competitor AXE only makes it to fifth despite its rather spectacular new TV ads.

The top ten brands in terms of "fans today" under the category "beauty" according to are:

1. MAC Cosmetics
2. Bath & Body Works
3. Old Spice
4. Sephora
5. AXE
6. CoverGirl
7. Carol's Daughter
8. L'Oréal Paris
9. Pantene
10. Mary Kay

Data recorded Tuesday, February 1. Famecount ranks brands, celebrities and politicians according to the number of daily/monthly/total Facebook and/or Twitter fans/followers each receives.