Thanks to intelligent partnerships such as this week's Marimekko capsule collection, sneaker brand Converse stays in first place in Famecount's ranking.

The top ten brands in terms of "fans today" under the category "fashion" according to are:

01. Converse All Star (no change)
02. Victoria's Secret (no change)
03. Converse (no change)
04. Zara (no change)
05. Victoria's Secret Pink (no change)
06. H&M (no change)
07. Lacoste (no change)
08. Hollister (no change)
09. Burberry (no change)
10. Forever21 (no change)

Data recorded Tuesday, February 8. Famecount ranks brands, celebrities and politicians according to the number of daily/monthly/total Facebook and/or Twitter fans/followers each receives.