Fruit Of The Loom made its name selling pants but the American brand is keen to move on with a new line of contemporary casuals, says Lee Holmes

Let’s talk pants – namely, men’s underpants. Forget Calvins and Polo – one of the biggest players in men’s smalls is Fruit Of The Loom. They have been around since the 1800s, with underwear – and true basics like loopback sweatshirts and cotton t-shirts – synonymous with the name and fruity logo.

Fast forward to the present day, however, and Fruit Of The Loom doesn’t just want to be known for producing pants alone. The name of the game at the 21st-century Fruit Of The Loom is to establish a brand identity through fashion, without entirely eschewing its utilitarian roots.

To that effect, Fruit Of The Loom has launched a small capsule collection of quality outerwear that pays service to the brand’s firm place in the everyday wardrobe of the everyman (and woman), but with a distinct design flair. Titled Seek No Further – a name taken from an American type of apple in a neat nod to the company’s American roots and one of the “fruits” featured in the label’s logo. The range’s creative director is Dorothee Loermann, formerly of hyper-cool Parisian label Surface to Air. Hence the fact the label is not only available online, but via pop-ups in Berlin and on east London’s fashionable Redchurch Street until July.

Seek No Further offers contemporary wardrobe basics while maintaining the link to tradition. Jackets, shirts, sweatshirts and shorts sit comfortably together and are both accessible and easy to wear.

Loermann’s sartorial aim seems pretty straightforward; recapture the interest of an already-existing older audience and simultaneously attract a younger fashion-savvy clientele. Here is a promising new brand born from an old school favourite – and this time there’s not a pair of pants in sight.