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If you’re jetting off this summer, now’s the  perfect time to make sure your luggage will  pass muster, writes Rebecca Gonsalves

Whether you’re worried about falling foul of the latest changes to budget airline baggage allowances or that squeaky wheel is just too mortifying to withstand any longer, there are plenty of options to suit your travelling needs, whatever the budget.

For those who are used to the finest things in life, a trunk from Globe-Trotter will be the envy of everyone behind you in the first class check-in queue. Founded in 1897, the luggage company has modernised its classic style with vulcanised fibreboard  and the addition of wheels  and a handle.

German brand Rimowa uses polycarbonate to make cases that are durable and unbelievably light – meaning you can pack more clothes without having to pay for excess baggage. And spinner styles give you the option of pushing  in front or dragging along behind you.

These brands are the bee’s knees, but a single piece can  be more expensive than the actual holiday. Sales are a brilliant time to pick up big-ticket items such as these, but there are budget-friendly options available year round.


A strong canvas bag should withstand even the clumsiest baggage handler, and can easily be squished a bit to ensure that yes, your bag does fit in here. Swedish label Sandqvist uses leather trim while strong stitching around the handles will withstand years of use.

For real flexibility go hands free with a backpack of big proportions. If you couldn’t get your hands on Chanel’s art student version, Herschel and Fjalkraven are two brands which excel at utility but have style kudos, too. Just be sure to slip yours off the shoulders when you board a busy plane or train – nobody wants a bag in their face, no matter how cheerful its colour.