Style File: Here comes the rain again

Waterproofing your wardrobe with practical, yet luxurious, purchases is a wise investment, says Emma Akbareian

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The old saying, “it never rains, but it pours”, is certainly true of the British weather of late, and, assuming there aren’t more pressing concerns – such as  sandbags and imminent rescue by canoe – what to wear when you’re likely to get wet can be something of a conundrum.

A sensible starting point for a rain-resistant outfit is a good coat, and a mackintosh or trench coat is the most iconic. Given the volume of rain the British Isles are subject to, it comes as no surprise that the trench is a very British invention. Developed for soldiers in the late 19th century by Thomas Burberry, 150 years later it remains stylish, but you need to add an umbrella for real protection from the elements.

Hooded coats have gone through many a makeover and are once again in favour with the fashion set – whether anorak, duffle or parka. Being able to shield your barnet while remaining hands-free is a boon for those who need to continue about their day-to-day business even if the heavens have opened.

Hunter has been synonymous with Wellington boots since Kate Moss wore a pair to Glastonbury in 2005, and since then, the brand has capitalised on such fashionable credentials with collaborations and limited editions. While the traditional high boot in black, navy or green will find favour with classicists, colour-block detailing or a biker-style makeover by Rag & Bone will appeal to label-lovers.

While PVC and patent leather may not be the first fabrics that come to mind when planning your practical wet weather wardrobe, they are both having a fashion moment and are water-resistant.