Onesies to watch: model wears Lanvin Spring/Summer 2014

Forget their naff reputation, this season dungarees and  jumpsuits are a one-stop way to look stylish, says Rebecca Gonsalves

Plumber’s mates, pregnant women and Kylie circa her Ramsey Street days - dungarees may not have the coolest of associations but this season they’re shaking off any residual naffness once and for all.

The dungaree comeback has been attempted over the last few summers, but it seems that the fashion stars have finally aligned for a full-blown return to good graces for the bib-fronted. Perhaps that’s down to the general casual mood that’s beset the fashion world, or maybe it’s further proof of the indefatigable Nineties redux. Although wearing dungarees in the grungy style of that decade has not returned in full force – leave the bucket hat at home, or even better, don’t buy it in the first place.

Denim is the obvious go-to for a pair of dungarees and can be dressed up or down. Just think of your dungarees as an extension of boyfriend jeans – they will look great with a rolled-up cuff showing a flash of ankle and a pair of pointed pumps or sandals for summer soirees. Shorts versions abound this summer, but a dress will provide the same sense of easy breeziness and is probably easier to wear.


If a bib-front makes you feel too much like a baby, there are plenty of all-in-ones that are definitely for adults only. Lanvin’s gold lamé boiler suit is a classic example of a utilitarian outfit being given a high-octane makeover, but black, navy or denim versions are ever-so-slightly more versatile.

Finally, despite what some will try to convince you of, dungarees and their similarly complex-to-remove ilk are not perfect for festivals. Anyone who has actually encountered a portable loo will know that.