Fans of designer Tom Ford's overtly sexy fashion campaigns won't be disappointed with the imagery for his newly launched lipstick range.

Using his familiar theme of the playfully sexual couple, a woman can be seen provocatively holding the lipstick up to her mouth, which is already painted in the respective hue, while a man is approaching her face. Interestingly, her nails are painted in the same shade; maybe Ford is planning a nail polish range, too?

His Private Blend Lip Color Collection, which consists of 12 different shades - there are trendy nudes and corals as well as classic reds - hits European stores this month and will be released in the US in June. The products sell for around $45 each.

Tom Ford is just one of many fashion brands venturing into beauty on the quest for new markets, joining the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry.

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