The wait is over: notorious Hermès waiting list a thing of the past?

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Seems as if even Hermès is not recession-proof: according to shopping blog, a previously almost unattainable Hermès Birkin bag can now be bought by anyone - if you're ready to spend $6,500 or more, that is.

The Birkin, one of the best-known statement bags which can cost up to six digits and is frequently worn by Hollywood A-listers, appeared on Portero, a site that sells pre-owned designer items, last week.

"Then we called around to Hermès, and found out there is no more silly waiting list - they told us we could walk right in and get one today. (We didn't)," the editors at wrote.

In the meantime, however, Portero's accessories director has posted a clarification, saying: "Yes, it's true, at times you can get lucky and find a Birkin or two at an Hermès boutique. However, there is still a wait list for Birkins, especially if you have a size or color preference (which I think most of us do!)."

The exclusive image of the bag (and the label) suffered a bit when pop star Lady Gaga scribbled Asian characters onto hers earlier this month, using a black felt pen. It has also been argued before that hosting temporary boutiques on designer sample sale sites - a recent phenomenon caused by the economic crisis - can damage a luxury brand's reputation in the long run.

Different styles of the Birkin can still be shopped at