According to the 2010 Grooming and Beauty Study by Condé Nast magazines GQ and Allure, the average man only spends seven minutes less on getting ready in the morning than the average woman.

Researchers for the publications found that a man's beauty routine now takes 22 minutes on average, two minutes longer than five years ago.

The reason for this closing gap? According to the report, 72 percent of surveyed men stated that they felt "under more pressure to care about their appearance." Also, more than 80 percent said they now felt more comfortable buying grooming products, spending a yearly $121 on average (compared to $194 for women).

So are the majority of today's men 'metrosexuals?' Far from it: an overwhelming 93 percent of male study participants told researchers that the term was "offensive and dated, and doesn't describe me." Instead, to describe the image they wanted to convey, they used the words "confident, masculine, intelligent, cool, and classic."

Women's self-image was about strikingly similar things, by the way, with the only difference that they wanted to appear "youthful," too: 92 percent said there was a bigger pressure now "to look younger than one's age."

1,000 men and 1,000 women, aged 18 to 64, were surveyed for this US study.