Sales on Luminess's airbrush makeup kit, a range of Pixi moisture tint products and an anti-aging wand begin this week, plus another vintage beauty accessories sale from MfD.



Luminess's 'can't miss' makeup system goes on sale on this site on September 21. The makeup kit includes six foundations, a moisturizing primer, blusher, bronzer and even an airbrush for applying foundation evenly.

Beauty Ticket

Fifty percent off a range Pixi moisture tint gloss kits and the Pixi Deluxe Eye Beauty Kit which is available in both lavender and Bitter Sweet Cacao is reduced from $28 (€21) to $9.99 (€7.6).

Market for Drama

The latest in the line of MfD's ever popular vintage beauty accessories begins on September 28.

Haute Look

Skincare meets technology at Haute Look with a September 22 sale on NuFACE. The NuFACE handheld anti-aging wand passes a low-level electrical current from the wand to the skin, stimulating and toning facial muscles.