This week's top beauty sales: Luminess 'can't miss' makeup and Barex Italiana hair treatments

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Luminess's "can't miss" makeup kits, professional hair care products from Barex Italiana and lash growth serum from Lashem are amongst this week's best beauty sales.

Beauty Ticket

This week's "steal of the week" at Beauty Ticket is Lashem Lash Growth Serum. The manufacturers claim that this high-performance gel is clinically tested to help develop healthy and natural lashes without causing irritation. The serum which normally retails for $85 (€62) is on sale on this site for a mere $25 (€18.26).


Professional haircare products from Barex Italiana are on sale at this site from October 10. The luxury collection of shampoos, conditioners and styling products are free of sodium chloride and paraben, making them suitable for keratin-treated hair.


Another chance to get Luminess's "can't miss" makeup system, which is on sale for the second time on this site on October 6. The makeup kit includes six foundations, a moisturizing primer, blusher, bronzer and even an airbrush for applying foundation evenly.