Three beauty labels to watch: Ellis Faas, Tarina Tarantino, Tokidoki

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Organizers of the annual Beyond Beauty fair in Paris - due to take place in September - have shared their three picks of most exciting new make-up artists on the market.

Ellis Faas

There are a few things about this Dutch make-up artist that are worth mentioning. First, her color range is inspired by the body: called Human Colors, her shades draw on everything from freckles to blood for inspiration. Second, all products - be it for the eyes, lips or skin - come in similar-shaped pens that hold the liquid colors. And because of that, third, all products fit into a specially designed holder: inspired by a gun magazine, this lightweight container will re-organize your palette on the go. Prices all range around €25.

Tarina Tarantino

This pink and sparkly label was launched exclusively at Sephora stores in spring. Tarantino, who built her name as a jewelry designer, makes products (priced around €16) that are just as pink as the hair that she sports, but there are also regular trend-conscious updates, such as turquoise and purple eyeshadows that are on sale right now. The brand has proven popular so far for bringing customers a princess-y world of girly make-up.


Even if created by an Italian make-up artist (Simone Legno), this brand is inspired by Japanese manga culture, which has earned its products an early cult-like following. There are lots of different cartoon-ish characters (including a miniature Karl Lagerfeld) that are printed onto the packaging of lip stains, mascaras, or eyeshadows, and even an apparel and accessories range. Tokidoki is also exclusive to Sephora, and prices are between €10 and €20.