The Tokyo Girls' Collection is marking its 13th fashion show with a special event at the temporarily re-named Saitama Super Arena on September 3 to encourage the people of northern Japan affected by the March 11 earthquake.

TGC has grown into a wildly popular fashion event in Japan and is held twice a year, early in the calendar to promote the spring and summer fashions and then in the late summer to show off designers' autumn and winter collections.

Most of the major fashion houses will be taking part - including collections from Cecil McBee, Lovedrose&Co, Marua, Urban Research, Serene Dept. - and the entire event will last for around six hours.

Previous events have attracted around 20,000 spectators, but the organizers have returned this special event to a larger venue, the Saitama Super Arena - which is being renamed the Saitama Smile Arena for the occasion - as they are anticipating more than 30,000 people taking part.

The theme of the show this time is Smile for " " - with the organizers saying the blank space between the quotation marks is for everyone to interpret in their own way.

"It could be family, someone special, friends, people all over the world, or yourself - the person you would like to seem smile - as well as a thing or an event," the organizers said.

"The theme also carries our hope that girls who have been hesitant to buy clothes will remember the magic of shopping - how it makes you smile when you find something cute or wonderful - and enjoy shopping again.

"Since it is such a difficult period, we are planning many projects to ensure a fabulous day of happiness, so that the 13th TGC will serve as a power spot where girls can glam up and go wild."

As well as being a fashion show, the event is designed to showcase Japan's most popular "real clothes," according to the organizers, or clothes that can be worn on a daily basis and reflect Japan's cultural background.

The event also incorporates music, entertainment and beauty products, while special emphasis is being placed this time on food and drink companies from the Tohoku region, which was the worst affected by the March 11 natural disasters.

Less than one week after TGC, albeit against a far less serious background, a similar shopping-promoting event will take place when Fashion's Night Out again draws designers, celebrities, and fashion fans for an evening of fashion shows, shopping, and special launches all over the world.

Tokyo Girls Collection, September 3
Saitama Super Arena

Tickets range in price from Y15,000 (€134.82) for a reserved Arena Platinum Seat to Y5,500 (€49.43) for an unreserved seat.