Topshop launches transfer tattoos

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The temporary tattoo trend is moving from high class to mainstream, with British retailer Topshop introducing its range one season after Chanel's release.

The collection, published on Topshop's blog Inside-Out on May 31, includes Chanel-inspired jewelry shapes such as bracelets but also more traditional tattoo themes: hearts, roses or wings. There are four different sheets that retail for £6.50 (€7.60) each, considerably less than Chanel's $75 version.

Transfer and spray-on tattoos were one of the surprises on last fall's runways: Rodarte painted their models in bold tribal patterns, while Jean Paul Gaultier opted for spraying his models' names (Sasha Pivovarova, Iris Strubegger) onto their bodies and faces, but Chanel's illusions of chain bracelets (complete with logo pendants, bien sûr) proved most popular.

Get Topshop's temporary tattoos here.