US drugstore beauty brand to launch a natural line

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Cover Girl has announced that it is developing a new line of cosmetics called NatureLuxe.

The leading mass market cosmetics brand in North America is positioning NatureLuxe as Cover Girl's more upscale sister line by substituting the cheaper synthetic ingredients and heavy emollients found in Cover Girl's beauty products with higher-quality organic ones.

NatureLuxe, which will hit stores by December, is targeted towards women seeking a lighter makeup look and more breathable and skin-friendly products. Items from the new line include a gloss balm made from natural mango and shea butter and an oil-free Silk Foundation made from natural jojoba, cucumber water and rosehip extracts.

"This is a pilot test, and as we learn, it is our intention to increase the amounts we use over time," Dr. Sarah Vickery, the principal scientist at Cover Girl Cosmetics, told Women's Wear Daily.

In a bid to be more eco-friendly, even NatureLuxe's packaging will be green. The product encasings will contain bioresin, a renewable sugarcane-derived plastic, albeit in a small amount.

Cover Girl spokesperson Taylor Swift will be the official face of NatureLuxe.

Other US drugstore beauty brands that have already made the foray into natural cosmetics include Burt's Bees, Physicians Formula and Almay.

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