Use fixing spray and warm your mascara: Women reveal their holy grail beauty tips

Apparently holding your mascara under your boob is a common thing

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No two people have the same bodies, skin or hair, so of course, no beauty product will have the same effect on two different people.

And yet, there are certain tips and tricks that tons of women swear by, and they’ve been sharing them on Reddit.

For the vast majority of women, the most important thing they’ve learned about beauty is not to neglect the little details: using moisturiser, primer and a fixing spray were considered essential, with one woman explaining that her makeup looks “10,000 times better” since starting to use all three products.

One person even claimed a fixing spray changed her life: “This stuff keeps your face SET. Literally all day. Never have to reapply anything.”

For another, it was the addition of primer and fixing spray that made the difference and made her makeup last: “That sh*t doesn't budge,” she explained.

But if you can’t be bothered to add any more steps to your beauty routine, fear not - the discussion moved on to ways you can get more out of the products you already use.

Many women agreed that warming up your mascara before applying made a world of difference, whether that’s with a hairdryer or “under my boob”, as was the case for many.

By warming up the mascara, particularly when it’s more than a few months old, the lashes are coated much more smoothly.

Similarly, one woman claimed heating her eyelash curler made it much more effective, much like a hot styling tool is used on hair. “I run mine under warm water or point the hairdryer at it,” she explained.

And some women swore by the classic rules that we all know, but perhaps neglect, such as wearing sun cream. 

One 34-year-old sun-avoider revealed that she wears sun cream every day, come rain or shine, whether she’s planning to leave the house or not. “It's really starting to show on other women my age which of us baked in tanning beds and which of us embraced pale,” she added.

All agreed that protecting your skin from the sun is one of the best ways to keep yourself looking youthful.