Vimeo debuts iPhone app, Fashism's gets an update

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The eagerly awaited official Vimeo app has creative types in the fashion community buzzing while Fashism makes it easier to share styles.

YouTube rival Vimeo manages to keep its fashionable image with its newly released iPhone app. Elegant browsing features, easy sharing, and sophisticated video editing tools will ensure the fashion crowd will stick to the platform for its high-quality clips.

Fashism, the site whose community gives you instant feedback on shopping dilemmas, has launched an update of its popular app. With the second version, looks can now be tagged by store, and users may follow those whose style they especially like as well as share looks with people outside the site.

Fashion week starts in Moscow this week, and for everyone who is in town, the new Moscow Guide, designed by Denis Ivanov, will come in handy: overlaying information on what users see through the iPhone screen, this augmented reality app provides useful information on monuments, parks, theaters, galleries, churches, or concert halls.