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If you thought that the fashion industry was just like The Devil Wears Prada...well, then you're probably right. A new ingenious Twitter account keeps track of the hilarious musings uttered in Condé Nast's famed elevators.

Freshly launched, CondeElevator had just over 20 tweets on Tuesday morning, but fashion sites are already abuzz over the mole within the publishing house, with Refinery29 saying, for instance, that he or she dared to post the "delightfully (and pathetically) out of touch, self-centered, and food-conscious musings we always imagined."

Here are five that just needed to be reposted:

Woman #1 to Woman #2, holding an omelet: "What's the occasion?" Woman #2: "...huh?" Woman #1: "I would need an occasion to eat that."

Girl 1: "Is this skirt totally see through?" Girl 2: "No! No! Looks great." Guy, after they exit: "That skirt was totally see through."

Teen Vogue-er to Teen Vogue-er: "I don't understand why she was so pissed. I'd want to know if something made me look fat."

[silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] Summer Intern: "Was that...?" Intern #2: "Yeah" #annawintour

Girl 1: Oh man, I'm so tired, I was at the Rangers game late last night... Girl 2: Wait, really? Me too. Which one do YOU date?

And guess what's being discussed today? That's right, CondeElevator.