Watch: breasts stay where they belong when jumping on a trampoline

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As anyone who has ever worn a strapless bra can attest, it can involve quite a lot of embarrassing tugging to keep it in place all night. To avoid your personal 'Nipplegate,' Wonderbra has now come up with an innovative way of testing a bra's fit in a bouncy castle for adults.

For its new European marketing campaign out this week for the Perfect Strapless bras - which, according to the slogan, "stay up as long as you do" - the brand famed for its push-up styles had women test its bras' tenacity while jumping on a trampoline, integrated into the fitting rooms.

Watch a video of the campaign at (Warning: the first few seconds are NSFW.)

Reactions so far have been mixed with some viewers liking the idea, while others complain that the women in the clip had "nothing to show in the first place," meaning Wonderbra should have used curvier models for a more realistic impression - women like Katy Perry, as one YouTuber helpfully suggests.

And another lingerie brand is keeping it all in check these days: Victoria's Secret has released a new video for its Sexy Little Bride collection, starring Lily Aldridge who will actually get married to Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill in May. Watch it at