If you thougt Tavi was young, think again: a pint-sized child blogger is getting hundreds of thousands of YouTube views for her tips on how to look like a pirate or princess.

For her first video posted in March, Madison (apparently instructed by her mother) delivered a picture-perfect imitation of the currently so-popular beauty tutorials, describing the benefits of the makeup products of a certain beauty brand.

Companies must be kicking themselves for not thinking of this marketing strategy themselves, since the clip - due to "cute" slips of tongue such as "you have to fry this" - has since gotten more than 600,000 views. Some, however, are commenting that a five-year-old holding products into the camera like an old pro and maybe focusing too much on makeup in general is making them feel uncomfortable, especially after an eight-year-old Botox patient raised concerns in the US that children's exposure to pressure regarding their body image has gone too far.

Form your own opinion with Madison's latest installment on how to draw a pirate eye patch (Halloween comes around sooner than you think) at http://youtu.be/Dy9XwArd1S0.