Watch: Gwen Stefani stars in new beauty ad

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Singer Gwen Stefani, who again presented a convincing collection for her fashion label L.A.M.B. in New York this week, features in L'Oréal's Superior Preference hair color commercial.

Stefani, who has also starred in the Infallible Le Rouge ads, is promoting her own two signature looks for the brand: platinum blonde hair and red lipstick. The hair color ad is even set against the singer's own song "Luxurious," incorporating some of its lyrics into her lines - one of the most interwoven examples of prominent spokesmodel and product seen in a long time.

The 41-year-old is joining the likes of Beyoncé Knowles and Cheryl Cole, who have also worked the camera for L'Oréal. Stefani, no stranger to the beauty industry, has previously spearheaded a perfume brand called Harajuku Lovers.