Playboy was the first men's magazine to feature a full 3D centerfold spread, but new publication WMB (World's Most Beautiful) takes it to a new level, bringing you life's essentials - girls and cars - in all their glorious three-dimensionality in each issue of the mag.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian aka today's most prominent hourglass-shaped woman is on the cover of WMB's debut issue and will most likely help to get the new magazine off the ground when it launches August 8.

Watch a teaser at

But this is not the only good news in men's publishing this week: women's mag Cosmopolitan has released an iPad app exclusively for guys that comes with advice from its editors on how to deal with women. "Designed specifically for men, CFG is packed with interactive features that reveal what a woman craves sexually and emotionally," it says on iTunes.

The first issue comes with a deciphering (and audio samples) of women's bedroom noises, a gift guide, tips on how to solve awkward date situations, and - there it is again - 3D sex positions to help you turn up the volume of those bedroom noises, presumably.

CFG: Cosmo for Guys can be downloaded for free at