Weekly beauty buzz: woman dies from silicone injection

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Catch up with the beauty news from the week ending August 6 with the following links.

Californian resident Mayra Lissette Contreras has died after receiving silicone injections into her buttocks by two 'plastic surgeons' illegally operating from their home. The silicone had turned into solid plastic inside Contreras's body. Medical experts warn that silicone should be implanted, not injected. ( AOL News)

Actress, Megan Fox has been named the face of Armani Cosmetics. She also stars in the brand's jeans and underwear ads. ( WWD)

Soul diva Mary J. Blige sold a record-breaking 60,000 bottles of her My Life perfume in six hours of airtime on US shopping channel, HSN. ( StyleList)

Finally free of her Harry Potter obligations, actress Emma Watson has chopped off her hair. ( People)

English luxury fragrance house Penhaligon is offering a fleet of five scented taxis that will escort you around London. Each cab smells of a different scent - Artemisia, Blenheim Bouquet, Endymion, Malabah and Orange Blossom - and you will even receive a voucher for the brand's boutique at the end of your journey. ( InStyle UK)

Uneven tan lines? Follow BellaSugar's camouflage guide. ( BellaSugar)