Weekly beauty tutorials: be inspired by music videos

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The outrageous looks sported by celebrities in their video clips can make for the perfect party makeup. Let YouTube channels Dezired Beauty and sccastaneda show you how.

DeziredBeauty has recreated Beyonce's black-and-yellow cat eye from the Telephone video. And if you're really ambitious, you can have a go at the hair, too!


If you're into that kind of bright color around your eyes, you will also like this Rihanna-inspired tutorial that shows you how to get the 'graffiti look' from her Rude Boy video.


Another great evening look is this makeup that draws on Katy Perry's "California Gurls" video: purple glitter and false eyelashes all the way!


This makeup look, as seen on Jennifer Lopez, uses this summer's ultimate trend color, coral, on eyes, lips, and cheeks.


Aaliyah is still serving as musical inspiration for many, and same goes for her beauty: vloggers are still drawing on the looks the singer created for her videos, with this one being a glamorous example.