Weekly beauty tutorials: couture inspirations

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Here's how to achieve some of the most striking looks from this week's haute couture runways.

Valentino's models had tightly braided hair, with the side strands almost resembling cornrows, a look that is hard to achieve on your own. YouTube beauty vlogger Risa shows you how it's done.


Granted: the mohawk is quite a commitment, but if you take hints from Jean Paul Gaultier's punk-inspired show, the hairstyle doesn't have to be as binding as that. Go for a " fauxhawk" instead, as explained in this tutorial.


At Armani, models were wearing blue and purple lipstick, and while these colors might be hard to pull off as a look, dark lipstick in general is a major trend this winter season and suits almost every type.


Dior incorporated flaming red into models' makeup - a color that is seldom used around the eyes. Find a similar look at the following link.


Chanel's thick eyeliner looked almost as if painted on with a felt pen. Experiment with shapes until you find the right "wing" for you; in the meantime, this video will help you get started.


High ponytails have been in vogue for several seasons now, but at Georges Chakra's show, extensions were used - and they were allowed to show. So don't be afraid to try out different hairpieces anymore: it's more about getting creative than looking absolutely perfect. Here's how.