When wearing glasses, you draw more attention to your eyebrows and dark circles below your eyes. Also, your eyes can appear smaller or larger depending on whether you're near- or far-sighted. Use these tips from YouTube's most popular beauty vloggers to make your eyes look their best behind frames.

Michelle Phan uses defined eyebrow makeup, bright eyeliner, and lower fake lashes to make her eyes appear bigger.


There's an even more elaborate look by Phan, with bold eyeliner opening your eyes an extra bit, that is great for going out in the evening.


Phan's tips are great but time-consuming for the makeup newbie. MissChievous mainly focuses on some eyeshadow tricks to make her eyes sparkle from behind her glasses.


Lauren Luke has a subdued but effective look for frame wearers, using neutrals such as white to brighten the eye and blending the light colors with some darker hues to create dimension.


Julieg713 goes for a slightly different approach, encouraging viewers to stick to their usual makeup and just enhancing it in a way that makes the eyes stand out more.