From Minx nail 'stickers' to gel polish and the much-talked-about Shellac range: get a glimpse of the current nail innovations and learn how to get the look yourself.


Well-known make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge has tried the new procedure that involves sticker-like film being applied to the nails. Follow her to her favorite nail artist and get the low-down on all you need to know about Minx nail designs.

The Fashion Team shows you how to match your finger tips to your outfit, or even print the face of a loved one onto your nails.

Opi Axxium

This video gives you a quick demonstration of how the brand's new gel polish works.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions and explanations, check out NazihCosmetics' YouTube channel (

The OPI range should only be applied by professionals. A useful tutorial on at-home nail gel application can be found here:

CND Shellac

There are very few videos available on the new gail/polish hybrid since it will only be launched in May, but this clip by NAILPRO gives you a sneak preview at what the finished manicure will look like.