Aching to get that certain "je ne sais quoi?" Here are five beauty looks inspired by Paris fashion week.

Black Swan-inspired eye makeup, as seen at the Mugler show, is perfect to make an impact at a dressup party. This tutorial guides you through the extreme winged eyeliner look.

The best look to get you into a spring mood: Nina Ricci or Gaspard Yurkievich's orange lipstick - it's more wearable than it sounds!

Jean Paul Gaultier's beehive hairstyles may have been a bit over the top for everyday wear but can serve as inspiration for looks using Bumpits.

Smudged eyeshadow goes well with the current grunge trend and was used on many a runway including at Dior. Here is how you use an eyeshadow smudger to grungify every look.

One of the most dominant trends on the Parisian runways was red eyeshadow, which can easily make the eyes look too goth or even inflamed if done the wrong way. Here is how to keep it glamorous.