Weekly beauty tutorials: routines for flawless skin

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Shoppers have been growing more aware of the right care for their skin type and the promises and perils of skincare ingredients. But what's the ideal day-and-night skin care routine? Find out with this week's tutorials.

Start with the basics: your diet, sleeping pattern, and environment can all affect the health of your skin. Get the low-down on the dos and don'ts with this video.


Beauty vlogger Kandee Johnson shares her experience on what makes her skin look good, from cod liver oil to simple moisturizer.


Do you have oily, acne-prone skin? This routine will make sure none of your pores are clogged.


If you like to keep things natural, try this routine that only uses natural products such as lavender essential oil.


Lusting after glowy skin? AllThatGlitters has all the secrets.


Mature skin needs extra care to stay healthy and flawless. Learn about some of the best products with this video.


Use a good night's sleep to give your skin time to re-hydrate. Here's a comprehensive guide to nourishing your face at bedtime.