Weekly beauty tutorials: summery eye makeup

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In beauty, just like in fashion, some of fall/winter's colors and styles simply don't work in the summertime, and eye makeup is a case in point. Learn how to create eye-catching looks without losing your relaxed summer cool with these links.

One of this summer's hits is Katy Perry's "California Gurls," but beauty vloggers aren't talking about the music: learn how to create her glittery eye makeup look with this video.


Smoky eye makeup can look a bit harsh on summer evenings. For a softer version of the look, watch JuicyStar's tutorial.


For the same look in brown and golden summer tones, follow the instructions in Judy's tutorial.


Kandee Johnson shows you how to do a laid-back, neutral look that will make you look put together in the summer heat.


Michelle Phan brings you quite a literal translation of summery inspiration: her eye makeup look is achieved by recreating the colors of a sunset.


Julie's option is even more daring: her mermaid look seems to make use of pretty much every color she has in her makeup palette, but it's a great way to attract attention at any summer party.


JuicyStar has posted an alternative of this 'under-the-sea look' that is just as creative and more appropriate for every-night wear.