Weekly beauty tutorials: summery looks with this year's trend color turquoise

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Pantone predicted turquoise to be the trend color of 2010, and - self-fulfilling prophecy or not - the hue has been popping up on everything from clothes to homewares. In makeup, too, turquoise has been featured in many a summer product palette; here's how to make it look good on you.

This easy-to-follow tutorial uses just two basic colors to go with a turquoise lash line. Minimum effort, maximum effect!


Just like a lot of the warmer hues such as gold and copper, brown goes really well with the trendy shade.


Try pairing turquoise with pink and white as well as black liquid eyeliner for a bold look that works well for the evening.


Paired with yellow, the color gets a futuristic feel.


Lauren Luke has created a mermaid-inspired makeup look that uses sparkly turquoise and copper tones.


This last video might be the most dramatic turquoise look you will find on YouTube. Only recommended if you're celebrating carnival in Rio or attending something of similar dimensions, but definitely fun to recreate.