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Weekly Facebook fashion index: Converse grows by 30%, tops ranking

The sneaker brand has won the World Cup promotion race, boasting almost a million new fans this week.

With now 3,447,028 people who - following the brand's increased Facebook activity - have said 'I like' to Converse, the label is far ahead of longtime number one Adidas, with 2,985,792 fans, and tops Stylophane's Facebook Fashion Index for the first time.

1) Converse (3,445,040 fans)
2) Adidas (2,985,792 fans)
3) Puma (1,643,539 fans)
4) Lacoste (1,462,002 fans)
5) Burberry (1,123,902 fans)
6) The Art of Travel by Louis Vuitton (1,068,169 fans)
7) Chanel (968,902 fans)
8) Ray-Ban (948,686 fans)
9) Coach (762,886 fans)
10) Vans (743,721fans)