Maxi dresses have turned into one of the key trends for this summer, and Polyvore users are using them for hippie-inspired collages on the site.

This year's looks being influenced by looks from the 1960s and 70s could be one reason - summer refusing to start in many Western countries could be another: trends of the week also include bomber jackets and cargo pants.

Anna Molinari is on top of the brands for the third week in a row, followed by Susan Caplan Vintage and Casadei's shoes. Both Alexander McQueen and Emanuel Ungaro have experienced a boost after the appointment of their new creative directors (Sarah Burton and Giles Deacon, respectively).

Handcrafted jewelry is the only new entry in websites (, while in celebrities, Miranda Cosgrove's five minutes of fame seem to be over already. As Heidi Klum said so aptly: "In fashion, one day you're in, the next day you're out."

Top Brands
1. Anna Molinari (no change)
2. Susan Caplan Vintage (+1)
3. Casadei (-1)
4. Alexander McQueen (+5)
5. Rodo (no change)
6. Emanuel Ungaro (no change)
7. Angel Jackson (new)
8. Yves Saint Laurent (re-entry)
9. Givenchy (re-entry)
10. Valentino (re-entry)

Top Sites
1. (no change)
2. (+1)
3. (+1)
4. (+1)
5. (+2)
6. (no change)
7. (+2)
8. (re-entry)
9. (new)
10. (re-entry)

Top Celebrities
1. Audrey Hepburn (+1)
2. Kristen Stewart (+3)
3. Lady Gaga (no change)
4. Leighton Meester (no change)
5. Emma Watson (+4)
6. Blake Lively (no change)
7. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (+1)
8. Taylor Momsen (-1)
9. Marilyn Monroe (+1)
10. Ashley Greene (new)

Top Trends
1. fingerless gloves (new)
2. bomber jackets (new)
3. cargo pants (new)
4. knuckle rings (-2)
5. leopard print (re-entry)
6. maxi dresses (new)
7. purple heels (new)
8. platform heels (re-entry)
9. chain necklaces (re-entry)
10. ruffled skirts (re-entry)

Polyvore, which lets users express their current fashion preferences in the form of collages, receives five million individual visits a month.