Gianmarco Lorenzi's creations are leaving everything else behind on Polyvore this week.

The Italian's daring shoes with their signature extreme platforms, a favorite of stars including Beyoncé, are leading the brand ranking on the site, with Christian Louboutin - whose designs have recently even been sung about by Jennifer Lopez - following on his literal heels.

It's a good week for the Italians: apart from Lorenzi, Versace, Fendi, Marni and Valentino all feature in the top ten, with the rest of the spots taken up by their French competitors. For the second time in a row, there is not a single American brand to be found here.

In fashion websites, some exciting new discoveries can be made, with and entering the ranking. However, for celebrities, things are more or less stagnating: apart from Rihanna making a fashionable comeback, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, and the Olsen twins have been serving as favorite style role models for weeks.

Finally, a bohemian- and college-inspired vibe is dominating the trends section, with fedora hats, oxford shoes, floral print, messenger bags, and denim dresses all making the top ten spots this week. Plus: the nautical look, already on heavy rotation in fashion magazines (and stores, in fact), is finally making its debut on Polyvore.

Top Brands
1. Gianmarco Lorenzi (+3)
2. Christian Louboutin (no change)
3. Versace (+7)
4. Balmain (re-entry)
5. Yves Saint Laurent (+1)
6. Fendi (+3)
7. Givenchy (re-entry)
8. Marni (-4)
9. Valentino (re-entry)
10. Chloé (re-entry)

Top Sites
1. (+1)
2. (+3)
3. (new)
4. (+5)
5. (new)
6. (re-entry)
7. (re-entry)
8. (no change)
9. (-2)
10. (re-entry)

Top Celebrities
1. Audrey Hepburn (no change)
2. Lady Gaga (no change)
3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (no change)
4. Jessica Stam (no change)
5. Kristen Stewart (no change)
6. Leighton Meester (+2)
7. Emma Watson (no change)
8. Taylor Momsen (-2)
9. Blake Lively (no change)
10. Rihanna (re-entry)

Top Trends
1. fedora hats (re-entry)
2. denim dresses (new)
3. floral print (re-entry)
4. nautical (new)
5. oxford shoes (re-entry)
6. striped dresses (+4)
7. leather messenger bags (re-entry)
8. peep toe shoes (re-entry)
9. studded bracelets (re-entry)
10. body con dresses (re-entry)

Polyvore, which lets users express their current fashion preferences in the form of collages, receives five million individual visits a month.