Weekly fashion videos: Australian Fashion Week

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From the cool kids to luxury designers and this season's most-booked model: watch the stars of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in action.

Dion Lee - The young designer tells Australian Marie Claire about his collection, which was shown at the Sydney Opera House.


Alex Perry - Go behind the scenes with one of the continent's most prominent designers, and let his makeup and hair stylists talk you through his 'Arabian princess' look.


Camilla and Marc - Another popular Australian fashion label, Camilla and Marc, presented a collection of pastels, pop colors, and prints, together with this season's 'it hat,' the turban.


Lucette - This was one of the most-talked-about labels of the fashion week, mainly due to its embellished leggings and warrior-inspired outfits that are more fashion-forward than much of what you normally see in Australia.


Romance Was Born - Maybe the most spectacular of the showcases, Romance Was Born placed its spectators into a jungle-inspired set-up to present its 'Dinosaur Collection.'


Zimmermann - Australian fashion blogger Sassy Bella taped the finale of high-fashion swimwear brand Zimmermann.


Stolen Girlfriends Club - Every fashion week needs its hipster brand, and in Australia, that's the Stolen Girlfriends Club (think of it as the Sydney version of Charlotte Ronson). This season, the collection featured orange leather, headbands and bare midriffs.


Samantha Harris - Not a brand, but a model that everyone was talking about, Harris could become the first Aboriginal supermodel. FashionTV has re-released a compilation of her runway highlights of the past years.