Watch the highlights from Berlin fashion week, which wrapped up July 11.

Undisputed highlight of the event: the show of Boss Black, Hugo Boss's main label, which drew stars including Jessica Alba and Ewan McGregor.

Kaviar Gauche, one of the most established labels in Berlin, banked on silk and chiffon.

Lala Berlin's collection was called 'Kurt Cobain in Africa,' elements which mixed surprisingly well.

Another unexpected combination: Lena Hoschek presented 1950s-inspired pin-up looks with bondage elements.

Dawid Tomaszewski presented a very accomplished collection of evening gowns that German fashion fans hope will 'glamorize' the country's red carpets.

Kilian Kerner managed to make sequins look new again.

Mongrels in Common impressed with their precise tailoring.

The collection presented by creative collective 30PaarHände ("30 pairs of hands") looked as coherent as if made by one person.

Patrick Mohr's bald and bearded (female!) models simultaneously shocked and amused the audience.

Starstyling is an equally eccentric label that went for a mix of geometry and tribal patterns this season.

But the city can do conventional too. Case in point: Schumacher.

Berlin - like its big brother, London - predominantly serves international professionals as a talent-scouting platform, and there were a variety of young designer showcases to choose from:

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