Even if everybody tells you the opposite ("but there are so many cute maternity lines out there!"), pregnancy dressing can be far from fun. For all those very realistic problems - 'cankles,' stretchmarks on the beach, not fitting into your favorite jeans - these YouTube videos have got you covered.

Not ready to tell everyone? Choosing the right clothes, you will be able to hide your pregnancy for a lot longer than you think:


Willing to tackle maternity dressing like a pro? Get started with these basics, including extra-support spaghetti tanks, jeans with stretch-band waists, and rubber bands to close your old ones.


Many make mistakes when it comes to maternity sizing, thinking that they should buy larger sizes when they're pregnant. But if you're a 12, you'll be a maternity 12, simple as that.


Dressing during the first trimester of pregnancy can be tricky, since maternity wear is not yet right for you, but you already need to accommodate some weight gain. Check out these tips to look your best during these first three months.


Received an invitation for a wedding for just a month before your due date? Don't worry, there are plenty of pretty formal wear options available to you.


Moving on to the most daunting parts of maternity dressing: what to wear on the beach. Tankinis and tunics will be your best friends.


Even less pleasant? How to distract from 'cankles' (fat ankles) and 'outie' belly buttons, and how to find the right maternity bra.


And finally, what looks to avoid at all cost: