Peeks inside stars' closets have become for fashion what celebrity home stories are for interior design. Here's a YouTube best-of with stylists, red carpet divas, and fashion critics all opening up their wardrobes for viewers.

Vogue Nippon's fashion director, Anna dello Russo shows viewers her room at The Ritz Hotel in Paris, which resembles a showroom during fashion week.

In another video, she shares her tips on how to pack efficiently - which can prove challenging given that, during fashion month, she changes clothes several times a day for four weeks in a row.

Celebrity stylist Hannah Sandling shows you the 'wardrobe detox:' going through her own clothes at home, she gives you her top tips on how to declutter your closet and how to stock up on some new goodies that will stay with you for longer.

If you don't listen to Sandling's tips, you might risk ending up like Lindsay Lohan, who recently got professional help to tackle her 'hoarding behavior.'

He is one of the toughest but most likable fashion TV personalities: Project Runway's Tim Gunn talks you through his own closet for a change.

Paris Hilton might not be the most critically acclaimed dresser, but her wardrobe, opened during her Cannes Film Festival attendance, is sure to make most girls green with envy.

Reality star Kim Kardashian has something in common with Hilton: she's most famous for her red carpet appearances. In this clip, she shows viewers her personal, 'everyday' wardrobe at home.